Saturday, May 20, 2006

how to contact me...

In the end not to forget, my home adress again for all of you who want to come to visit me:

Julia Englisch
Neptunstrasse 16
85368 Moosburg
(near Munich / Bavaria)

Just let me know...
Love u, Julia

20 May: Landing in Munich...

Flying over Washington D.C. and starting on Friday at 2:30pm in Cleveland, I arrived after a long and exausting trip at 10am (local time) at the Munich Airport :-)
I am happy to be at home again and meet my family and all my friends - but unfortunately on Monday the serious life continues and I will going on with my work and study for "Deutsche Bank" in Freising - I thank everybody who made this trip to an adventure for me which I will never forget!!! Thanks also to everybody who visited the BlogPage - it gave me a smile to see the number of visitors increasing day by day ;-) I hope you all had fun to follow my steps through the States and download pictures...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

17 - 19 May: Saying GoodBye to Cleveland

Here are some nice pictures from the last impressions I get from Cleveland by sunshine...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

11 - 16 May: Canada Trip

For our time between the Finals and the flight back to Europe, Thomas and I were renting a car to drive in total 1200miles for making a Canada Round Trip... Montréal
accomondation: Hotel Champ de Mars
weather: 2 days rain - last day sunny
- Notre Dame - church
- Olympia Park (1976)
- Ile d'Helene with Biosphere
- Mountain Mont-Royal
- University Mc Gill

... and Toronto
sleeping 2 nights @ Sheraton Center Hotel
weather: cloudy, windy, rainy... some seconds with sun ;-)
- CN Tower - world's tallest building with 553m (
- Rogers Center - famous under the name SkyDome as a sport arena

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

10 May: Birthday Celebrations @Melting Pot

To celebrate Kevins (28th) and Thomas (22nd) Birthday, went all togehter to a very delicious Fondue Restaurant "The Melting Pot" in Legacy Village. Even Benoit (a friend of Thomas and Pierre from France) and the newly wedds: Brent and Cindy came with us...
We eat some Cheese Fondue ("The Original Swiss Emmentaler"), Met and Sausages ("The French Quarter") and for dessert the best: Chocolate Fondue with Fruits and Cheesecake *mhm* It was a nice and funny evening - just our cute couple Justyna and Dave were missing!!!